Professionally processed wild rabbits for pet food available

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Professionally processed wild rabbits for pet food available

Postby Jason Ferris » Wed 10 Apr 2013 1:49 pm

I am a member of a couple of hunting forums. The guy who sells wild rabbits at the Farmer's Market in Canberra recently posted the message below on one of the forums. I thought people here might be interested in some professionally processed wild rabbits to feed to their dogs. At $6 each they compare well with chicken frames and necks. PM me if you are interested and I will provide Mark's contacts.

this is mainly aimed at the Canberra and Griffith area blokes, Ive got around fifty rabbits that are frozen, these were leftovers from the last few markets, just wondering if anyone would be interested. Transport might be a problem, and I know most of you would shoot your own dog tucker, but then it never hurts to ask. In all honesty there is nothing wrong with them for human consumption, but I dont think I would be allowed to advertise/sell them as such. Im running out of storage space. Id be after 6 bucks each, this will not quite cover my processing costs, or we could work out a bulk price if anyone is interested.
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