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Training seminar

Postby Dale Marshall » Fri 05 Feb 2016 5:18 pm

Expression of interest to those that may be interested- Bill Petrovish the owner and trainer of Ammo, the all time Derby high points dog with 140 points shattering that record by 40 points at the time. This dog a chocolate bitch and only weighing 48 pounds and by most pros in the states believe the greatest dog in USA history.
Ncafc/Cafc/CFCs/Afc/Fc Upon the Wings of An Unanswered Prayer- check out her credentials , trained and handled by Bill for each and every win.
Bill would like to come to Australia to watch the State and Nationals at Juigong so to make this happen the week between both he has offered his services to hold a handling and training seminar for dogs of all ages, this would be a positive reinforcement training seminar, no collars will be allowed or used. Those that are interested would be required to bring their dog if possible, ( not required but would help) from a puppy through to AA, yes before I am crucified it is not ideal as those entered the National will want to train their dogs, proposal is start at 7am on the Monday until 2pm, same Tuesday.
This will be a privately run seminar if we can get sufficient support, Not a business venture but the cost will be to cover airfares and accomodation and to feed Bill.
We believe 10-15 people maximum will get the most benefit .
Anyone interested please send an email to myself with an expression of interest, at this stage a fee of $300 will cover costs.
Dale Marshall
Dale Marshall
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Ammo Retriever News Article

Postby Peter Butterfield » Wed 10 Feb 2016 8:23 pm

Posted on behalf of Dale Marshall...

Click here to download an article describing the impressive career of Bill Petrovish's 'Ammo'.
Kindly provided by Retriever News of Wisconsin USA.
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Re: Bill Petrovish profile

Postby Dale Marshall » Tue 16 Feb 2016 7:04 am

The following is a short bio prepared by Bill for those interested in his background:

I have been training dogs for over 30 years, starting out with Beagles trained for hunting purposes.

In 1990 I purchased my first Labrador (Brute) at 7 weeks of age, learning the craft of training a lab from two of the top amateur field trial trainers in the U.S.. Brute went on to become an FC AFC and competed at five U.S Nationals.

In 2007 my wife and I purchased a puppy from Santa Fe Labs, a small chocolate bitch "Ammo". We have trained her from day one from the basics to now the end result.
Ammo has turned out to be the most accomplished retriever in history for Derby dogs. That is dogs under two years of age. Ammo first competed at 6 months of age, and finished her Derby career at 2 years of age and amassing 144 points. The previous record was 115 points. In 2014 Ammo broke many All Age records in the U.S retriever trial history, four U.S Double Headers, the most accumulated points for a single season, finished with 96 points. Ammo also won the Canadian National Amateur Championship in 2014. I have run in 12 U.S and Canadian Nationals.

I have trained and trialed all over the U.S and Canada, and also had the privilege to train with the best and top professional trainers in the U.S and Canada.

. - Open Stake Single Dog
. - Open Stake Multiple Dog
. - Amateur Stake Single Dog
. - Amateur Stake Single Dog

2007 to present
. - Owner/Trainer NCAFC CFC FC AFC NDC Upon The Wings Of an Answered Prayer (Ammo), and an Open Field Trial judge.

1990-2000 Owner /Trainer FC AFC Brutus of Widgeon Creek "Brute"
. - Continually assisting numerous field triallers in training retrievers for U.S. Field Trials.

Note: Bill's seminar is a working seminar. We encourage those that have submitted expressions of interest to bring your dog. It will be about training the trainer as well as the dog, first day on flat ground, second day to the field with simulated runs, specialty training drills and question and answer time each day -- every dog is different -- every handler is different, at present we have 9 committed we need six more to be viable, Bill is doing this at no charge just to cover costs and watch the State and National.

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Re: Training seminar- with Bill Petrovish

Postby Dale Marshall » Fri 29 Apr 2016 8:01 am

Training Seminar with Bill Petrovish (USA) --owner and trainer of Ammo, all time highest point scoring dog in USA history, to be held 5/6 of September in the Young /Harden area, all confirmed that Bill,s airfares and accommodation is arranged. Thanks to the National Committee for the support to hold this seminar.
Due to a few withdrawals there are still some vacancies, to those that have committed a $150 deposit is required to secure your spot, Seminar will be a working and hands on from puppy to a progression pathway to AA.
Bill will be in Australia from the 1st to the 13th of September in the Young area, his agenda is taken up on the 5/6/7 of September so anyone that has anything that would be of interest in the tourist vain please let me know.
Bill is going to be a guest speaker at the National Dinner so hopefully everyone supports this night and makes him welcome.
Seminar start and finished times will be decided by the participants, my suggestion around 8am start until 3pm each day allowing those that are competing have time to train their dogs, to boost numbers to cover costs, a viewer only seat ( watch and take notes) is being considered for $150-- yet to be decided, require 15 to cover airfare $2900 and accommodation costs of $850 plus feed the man.
So we need support.
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Re: Training seminar

Postby hcornelius » Wed 14 Sep 2016 4:05 pm

I attended the Bill Petrovich seminar at Young during the National leadup week. Beforehand, I was a bit worried about having less time to train my dogs between the State and the National. But it was the best pre-National buildup I could have had. Bill offered spit and polish to my over-high Sam and me working much better together as a team. His advice on handling Sam's excitable nature very precisely was invaluable to us both! If we are lucky enough to get Bill out to Australia again, I would be jumping at the chance to do another seminar with him.
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