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2016 NSW State Championship Photos

PostPosted: Wed 12 Oct 2016 8:33 pm
by Peter Butterfield
Hi Folks

Sorry for the time lapse but when you see effort Al Dodge has put in to capturing the imagery of this event you will understand why things have taken a while.

Below is a link to the NSW State Trial highlight photos gallery. To view, click the link...

If you are asked to Log-in, enter your NAME and EMAIL address. If you were at the trial Al will alert you if he processes further photos that may interest you.

There are 388 photos in the gallery so the easiest way to view them is as a slide show, just look for the [Slideshow] button at the top right of your screen when you see the pics. Allow 40 minutes to view the entire event.

These photos are for viewing only (downloading and purchasing are not allowed due to their low res nature). Over the coming days Al will post the photos in high resolution, searchable by surnames. Details to follow. 47th National gallery also to follow soon.