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Tripping around the Aussie states.

PostPosted: Sun 19 Nov 2017 5:48 pm
by Kerry Webster
For the past eight weeks Ian and I have been tripping around parts of Australia in our caravan, with four of our six dogs onboard. Leaving from W.A. we went to South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. A wonderful trip overall, and we were lucky to have mainly fine weather over the two months.

Something I really want to say on this forum, is how fantastic the people are within our wonderful sport. In each of the states we were welcomed into the homes of retrieving people, or people I have met through trialing. Being able to set up our van for a few days, at these different properties was wonderful, and all of these people welcomed our dogs and encouraged us to give them good stretching runs in the paddocks, if required. Great conversations of course and a few bottles of wine were consumed during these stays

Thank you to all of you: Roz & Peter Seppelt of Grand Cru Wines, Springton S.A. ; Lynn and Trevor Stevens, Murrindindi, VIC. ; Ros and Russell Yelds, Bombala, NSW ; Geoff Cole, Braidwood, NSW ; Sid and Toni Drew, Forth, TAS.

I hope I can return the hospitality someday.

Kerry and Ian