Victorian State Championship

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Victorian State Championship

Postby Allan Bartram » Wed 30 Sep 2009 4:38 pm

Could anyone post the results of the Vic.State please ?

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Re: Victorian State Championship

Postby pwinkfield » Wed 30 Sep 2009 5:19 pm

Part results: Gareth and Monty won - great for him as this win means the dog has won every state championship which I think only Joe Vella's Blackie and Bob T's King (I think) have done before. Joe Vella came 2nd and I think Jack Lynch 3rd with Fern or possibly Mark Davis with Swampy (one was third and one 4th) and Jim Hargreaves with Cato 5th. Seven finishers I believe. The weather was ghastly - just hope it is better in Bombala!
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Re: Victorian State Championship

Postby Kate Eltringham » Thu 01 Oct 2009 2:09 pm


Bonnie Doon, Victoria

Judge: Mrs G. Golle Entries: 32 Starters: 32
1st G.&S. Tawton’s Gr RT Ch Kadnook Pride Ov Cork CM (Lab D) 303 pts
2nd J. Vella’s RT Ch Lindenlake Black Jazz (Lab B) 302 pts
3rd J. Lynch’s Nat & Gr RT Ch Coalsgarth Tassie Fern (Lab B) 299 pts
4th M.&W. Davis’ Nat & Gr RT Ch Beereegan One Tree (Lab D) 286 pts
5th J.&A. Hargreaves Gr RT Ch Winterset Moon Shadow CM (GRD) 278 pts

A total of eight dogs completed the six runs and retrieved the 16 items of game of the trial.

Special Trophies:

• Highest Scoring Victorian Dog: G.&S. Tawton’s Gr RT Ch Kadnook Pride Ov Cork CM (Lab D)
• Highest Scoring Golden Retriever: J.&A. Hargreaves Gr RT Ch Wintetset Moon Shadow CM (GRD)
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