National Retrieving Trial Championship Results

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National Retrieving Trial Championship Results

Postby Laraine Frawley » Mon 19 Oct 2009 8:39 pm

First place Gr RT Ch Kadnook Pride ov Cork (Lab) Monty G&S Tawton 329 points
Second Place Warwiba Braveheart (GSP) Charlie W Outtrim 326 points
Third place RT Ch Tockatunga Down Under (Lab) Tank K Andrews 319.5 points
Fourth place RT Ch Tockatunga Twist of Fate (Lab) Abby K Andrews 313.5 points
Fifth Place FT&RT Ch Pointgold Obliterate (GSP) Junior D Mills 286.5 points

Highest scoring Golden retriever RT Ch Ellishea Katos Czarda H Ellis
Highest Scoring Veteran Monty
Highest Scoring Non labrador Charlie
Judges awards of Merit- Trevor Stevens - H Ellis & Czarda
Graeme Parkinson - M Sargison & Pointgold Helga Ellie
Leading Dog day 1 K Andrews & Tank
Leading Day day 2 W Outtrim & Charlie
Youngest dog to finish K Andrews & Abby
Highest scoring non retrieving trial champion W Outtrim & Charlie
Highest scoring lady handler J Cramond & Stamp
Highest scoring Queensland competitor A Golle & Vodka
Winning team J Vella & BJ, d Mills & Junior, K Andrews & Abby
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Re: National Retrieving Trial Championship Results

Postby Anna Playdon » Tue 20 Oct 2009 10:13 am

Just like to add a note, two other dogs finished

Julie Cramond with Stamp (Labrador) and
Greg Playdon with Riley (Flatcoated Retriever).
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Re: National Retrieving Trial Championship Results

Postby Peter Eley » Tue 20 Oct 2009 12:30 pm

That black hairy dog did it again. Very pleased for him, his handler and his owner Anna.
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