Results FCRA Trial October 20th

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Results FCRA Trial October 20th

Postby Kate Eltringham » Sun 20 Oct 2013 7:47 pm

Whilst our entries for the weekend were down in All Age, not unexpectedly as the All Age dogs have had an extremely busy few months the Restricted entries were strong and Novice were amazing. To have so many new handlers and dogs running in Novice at the end of the season bodes well for next year. Some of the entries have come from the hunting fraternity with a number joining retrieving from the Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs. It would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the effort, encouragement and training that Barry Kavanagh has personally given to assisting these new triallers.

We were very lucky once again as the weather was kind to us. The winds from Saturday abated somewhat on Sunday, warm weather 27C was forecast but there was a fair bit of cloud cover which kept the temperature down. The property was looking fantastic and as one trialler said at presentations every time you go to this property there’s something different for the judges to look at and utilise.

Thanks go to our judges for the day, Joe Barber (Qld) who set some testing runs for our All Age dogs, proving once again they don’t have to ridiculously long and complex runs to sort the dogs out. Richard Carr for setting runs that have the concepts that Restricted dogs need to be successful at to compete in All Age. Jim Hargreaves for taking on the Novice and from all reports set some great runs with the competitors all coming away happy and with things to work on for the next trial with their dogs.

The Flatcoat Club would like to thank Central Highlands for their support. Without the availability of their equipment and contacts with landowners, combined with all the help we could ever ask for we would not be able to run our two trials each year. Once again Leanne Tormey provided for everyone’s needs with her brilliant food and ever present smile.

To the competitors thank you for your entries, support and assistance in the running of our trial.

NOVICE Sunday 20th Mr Jim Hargreaves 19 Entries (17 started)

1st C Bodilly’s Rathmelton Mila (Lab B) 175 pts
2nd P Winkfield’s Yorifeld Cup Hero (GSP D) 166 pts
3rd C Shelton’s Reveirter St Lithghein NRA CD (Lab B) 162 pts
4th H Pownall’s Winterset Broken Arrow (GR D) 161 pts

RESTRICTED Sunday 20th Mr Richard Carr 10 Entries (9 started)

1st S Haynes’ Wrangham Cathy Earnshaw NRS JDX (ESS B) 155 pts
2nd C Dyson’s Wigunndi Pendelton Brook NRD (Lab B) 152 pts
3rd R Best’s Mirramel Narvi Proteus (GSP D) 130 pts
4th L O’Sullivan’s Elloesse Bold As Brass NRD (Lab B) 127 pts

ALL AGE Sunday 20th Mr Joe Barber (Qld) 10 Entries (9 started)

1st M & W Davis’ Nt & Gr Rt Ch Beereegan Last Boy Scout (Lab D) 156 pts
2nd L Wise’s Kuven Lasting Memories AARD (Lab B) 155 pts
3rd K & N Eltringham’s Rt Ch Reveirter Swan Hill (Lab D) 141 pts
(Handler Kate)
4th K & N Eltringham’s Reveirter Loch Fyntalloch RRD (Lab B) 137 pts
(Handler Noel)
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