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Gundog Club of SA

Postby Lynette Lennell » Mon 09 Mar 2009 8:54 pm

(Affiliated with and held under the rules and regulations of the South Australian Canine Association)
VENUE: Willunga Hill
9/5/09 Novice/Restricted Mr T. Stevens 8.15 am
9/5/09 All Age Mr I. Besanko 8.15 am
10/5/09 Novice/Restricted Mr G. Allen 8.15 am
10/5/09 All Age Mr. J. Patrick 8.15 am
All Age $15 $18 $20 double
Restricted $14 $17 $15 single $5 Junior
Novice $12 $15 $10 pensioner (age or invalid)

Trial Manager: G. Allen/B. Cousins SACA Rep: To be advised
Vet Steward: R. Bell Stewards: Committee & competitors

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ENTRIES CLOSE: 30 April 2009 with the CONVENOR:
Mrs J. Bryant SACA Membership Number & Gun Licence No must be placed on Entry Form
PO Box38 No late entries will be accepted.
Ph: 08 85 246007 mob 04035203 68

Trophies & Sashes Open to all. 1st. 2nd and 3rd places.
GENERAL CONDITIONS: The only persons permitted to handle exhibits at any exhibition conducted by an affiliate of the S.A.C.A. are:
1. Members of the Association; or
2. Members of the controlling bodies in the state or territory in which the person is domiciled.
All dogs must be pure bred gundogs and registered with the S.A.C.A. or recognised body.
All trials will be conducted in accordance with the A.N.K.C. Rules for the conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs.
A copy of the rules will be available at the fixture.
CLUB CONDITIONS: When not running a dog, competitors will be required to act as Gun or Game Stewards. T
he Club reserves the right to change the judge should this be necessary. The Committee reserves the right to remove any competitor or spectator by law or other means, from the Trial area or campsite who is clearly disruptive to the Members and/or participants of the Trial. Rule 64 of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs also applied. Any protests shall be immediately lodged (in writing) with the Trial Manager or Trial Secretary, accompanied by a $20 deposit which will be refunded unless Members of the Retrieving & Field Trial Committee deem the protest frivolous in which case the deposit shall be forfeited. Due to the nature of Retrieving, cooperation of landowners and manager is required for continued success. All participants, spectators and officials need to be aware that they are guests of the property owner, and that any problems or queries arising about the property should be directed to the Trial Manager, SACA Representative or Club Secretary (unless life or property is under immediate threat). If you are not satisfied with the response, then report the incident to SACA via the SACA Representative.

Camping is not permitted on the Property.
Nearest Camping available at Kuitpo Forest by arrangement with the Rangers,
McLaren Vale Caravan Park or Strathalbyn Caravan Park.

DIRECTIONS: Coming into Meadows from Echunga – turn right at T junction and continue on road and turn left into Brookman Rd - follow road for 17 kms then turn left into Proctor Rd, follow road and turn left on Philips Road, then look for Gundog Club signs on left.
From opposite direction: Come up Willunga Hill and follow road until you see Proctor Road on right, turn right into Proctor Rd and then turn left into Philips Rd and look for Gundog Club signs on left.
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Re: Gundog Club of SA - RESULTS

Postby Lynette Lennell » Mon 18 May 2009 6:47 pm

Novice Stake 9 May 2009 Judge: T. Stevens (V)
1st Oakridge Icebreaker (AI) 130 pts GSP Dog J. MacKenzie
2nd Ch Oakridge Going T Xtremes 107 pts. GSP Dog J. Nairn
3rd Cavajal Stormy Summer 82 pts Lab Ret S. Dansie

Restricted Stake 9 May 2009 Judge: T. Stevens (V)
1st Blackboy Page Three 129 pts Lab Ret Bitch J. Duncan
2nd Bournbeau Judds Hill NRD 108 pts Golden Ret Bitch M. Bourn
3rd Galestorm Time Tracker 106 pts Labrador Ret Bitch B. Kradolfer

All Age Stake 9 May 2009 Judge: Mr I. Besanko
1st Rt Ch Winterset the Woodsmen 115 pts Golden Ret Dog M. Mason
2nd Oakridge Highly Blessed 86 pts GSP Bitch N. Higgs
3rd Ch Oakridge Fernando AARD 82 pts. GSP Dog J. MacKenzie

This was a hat trick for Michael Mason's dog, winning 3 All Age stakes in a row.

Novice Stake 10 May 2009 Judge: G. Allen
1st Birkenwald Bacara (Imp UK) 127 pts GSP Bitch J. MacKenzie
2nd Ch Oakridge Going T Xtremes 124 pts. GSP Dog J. Nairn
3rd Kadlinda Black Pepper 122 pts Lab Ret Dog J. Lewis

Restricted Stake 10 May 2009 Judge: G. Allen
1st Oakridge Highly Blessed 110.5 pts GSP Bitch N. Higgs
2nd Galestorm Time Tracker Lab Ret Bitch 109.5 pts B. Kradolfer
3rd Cavajal Brindabella Lab Ret Bitch 79.5 pts S. Dansie

All Age Stake 10 May 2009 Judge: J. Patrick
1st Dindigold True Blue 113 pts Golden Ret Dog T. Stevens
2nd Ch Oakridge Fernando 97 pts GSP dog J. MacKenzie
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Re: Gundog Club of SA

Postby pwinkfield » Tue 19 May 2009 9:13 am

Well done the GSPS - SA looks like taking over from Queensland as the GSP capital of Australia!!
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