W.A. ANRTC Weekend Trials May 30/31 Results

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W.A. ANRTC Weekend Trials May 30/31 Results

Postby Kerry Webster » Mon 01 Jun 2009 5:12 pm

The ANRTC held four trials over the weekend of May 30 and 31st, again having the base at a salt lake near the country town of Meckering. A Novice and All Age stake were conducted on the Saturday, after which a hearty meal supplied by the committee could be had, and, being a very reasonable cost, all the campers took advantage of not cooking for the night. Sunday had a Restricted and another All Age stake, but because of lack of light the previous day to complete the AA trial, the final run for this was held early, before the scheduled events. A great time was had by all who competed, especially the get togethers each night.
Results are as follows:

Saturday 30th May, 2009
Novice Stake:
Judge: Mrs Maggie Hankinson
Dogs Entered: 5
Started: 5
Finished: 4

1st: Moralana Trailblazer (Lab. Dog) Ray Penman 143 points

2nd: Pointgold Abit Ova Devil (Gold. Dog) Allan Bartram 131 points

3rd: Mhadaidh Tricky Dicky (Gold. Dog) Jean Henderson 130 points

Fourth went to Wauchope Kicking Bird (Eleanor Johnson) with 115 points

All Age:
Judge: Mr Richard Courtman
Dogs Entered: 16
Started: 15 (One dog was withdrawn because of injury before getting to run, therefore a field of 14 actually started).
Finished: 9

1st: Birdelhund All The Way AARD (lab.Bitch) Lyn Wise 143 points

2nd; R.T.Ch Altiquin Glory CDX JDM ADX (Imp Ire)(Lab. Bitch) Maggie Hankinson 139 points

3rd: Ellishea Katos Czarda RRD (Gold Bitch) Heather Ellis 128 points

Fourth went to Featherhunt Joshua (Judy Pannett) with 127 points

Congratulations to Lyn and Stella on this win giving them the R.T. Champion title. Lyn was quite emotional about the win, and obviously very happy.

Sunday May 31st, 2009
Restricted Stake:
Judges: Mr Richard Courtman (2 runs) and Mr Allan Bartram (1 Run)
Dogs Entered: 9
Started: 6
Finished: 3

1st: Kuven Lasting Memories (Lab. Bitch) Lyn Wise 133 points

2nd: Mhadaidh Especially Hot CD NRD (Gold Bitch) Kerry Webster 129 points

3rd: Mhadaidh Tricky Dicky (Gold Dog) Jean Henderson 117 points

All Age Stake:
Judges: Allan Bartram (2 runs) Richard Courtman (1 Run)
Dogs Entered: 14
Started: 12
Finished: 9

1st: R.T. Ch Altiquin Glory CDX JDX ADX (Imp Ire) (Lab. Bitch) Maggie Hankinson 136 points

2nd: R.T. Ch Featherhunt Joshua (Lab. Dog) Judy Pannett 135 points

3rd: Ellishea Katos Czarda RRD (Gold Bitch) Heather Ellis 133 points

Fourth went to Birdlehund All The Way (Lyn Wise) with 125 points
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