A Judges Guide

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A Judges Guide

Postby Trevor Stevens » Fri 29 Dec 2017 4:39 pm

Hi all and seasons greetings.

It's a bit hot for dog training so here is some reading for you, and hopefully some useful discussion can come from it. The original of this document was drafted in 2004 from a variety of sources and ideas, including a Draft Judges’ Guide prepared following a forum of Judges in Queensland. Back in 2004. It had input from Robert Tawton, Alan Donovan, Gareth Tawton, Glenice McClure and Noel Eltringham (apologies if I have omitted anyone). I believe that it has since had a bit of editing to try to take account of rule changes however no guarantee is given that the document is up to date.
It is intended that the comments are only “guidelines” and do not alter, or in any other way impact on the official ANKC Rules for the Conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs. The document may help improve consistency across the country in the conduct of Trials, the standard of Runs, interpretations of the Rules and the principles underpinning the assessment of the performance of dogs in competition.

The views in the document are not necessarily mine, and I acknowledge that there will not be universal acceptance of every aspect of the document, nevertheless, here it is.....................

Guide for Judges DRAFT REVISION No 2

[Download as a WORD Document]

[Download as a PDF Document]
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