Thinking of attending the National?

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Thinking of attending the National?

Postby Lyn Wise » Thu 05 Jul 2018 5:12 pm

Thinking of attending the National?
Please do the following at your earliest convenience.... NOW or A.S.A.P.
1. Take a single photo of each dog you might enter.
2. The photo taken from the front, preferably the dog in a sit position, with green background.
3. Please email each photo, jpg only please, with your full name and phone number
4. Send to Dodo Kelly Email:

Please note: we do NOT require your entry forms nor ANY details of the dog for this momento
We DO REQUIRE a photo of your dog and your name and number .

** Kindly pass this on to anyone you think may be attending the 2018 National Retrieving Trial in Victoria this September. **
Lyn Wise
Lyn Wise
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Re: Thinking of attending the National?

Postby Dodo Kelly » Thu 12 Jul 2018 3:02 pm

PLEASE keep your dog photos coming. Thank you to the handlers who have already done so. For this idea to work we need your input.
Dodo Kelly
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