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The POP???????

PostPosted: Tue 22 Jan 2013 7:37 am
by Tony Rowland
hi all

A question on judging.

Is popping judged as a style eagerness action problem, or a disobeyed command.

If it is disobeyed command after multiples 4-5, does it effect style eagerness action, as the dog is not eager to find?
stopping and starting is not very stylish? and the action is stop start :lol: :P :twisted:

Let me know your opinion. :idea:


Re: The POP???????

PostPosted: Sun 27 Jan 2013 9:32 pm
by Gareth Tawton
Hi Tony,

I don't think it really matters where you penalise a dog on the score sheet for popping, as long as there is a penalty and the penalty fits the crime. I think a judge should form an opinion as to if the pop is only minor say one or two or is a major fault. How many pops are required for a major fault would be a matter of opinion but once this level is reached then the severity of the penalty should reflect that it is a major fault.


Re: The POP???????

PostPosted: Tue 29 Jan 2013 3:23 pm
by Tony Rowland

If a dog popped (1 or 2 ) every run by the third run would this have compounded into a major fault?

or is every new run starting again ?