Recommended Reading / Viewing List – Retriever Training

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Recommended Reading / Viewing List – Retriever Training

Postby Peter Butterfield » Wed 05 Dec 2018 5:17 pm

There has been discussion lately about lack of mentoring / assistance available for gundog training in Australia, particularly for those starting out in retrieving. While there are no doubt many reasons why, the void is otherwise filled by a wealth of information provided by some of the best gundog trainers in the world that is readily available in books, videos and the internet.

Everyone I know who has succeeded in this sport has availed themselves of these resources at one time or another. The best time to do so tends to be when starting a new dog with occasional refreshers never going astray.

As a guide for new comers, I’d like to compile a Recommended Reading / Viewing List based on your opinions of (free and paid) training material available. If you have found any particular guide/s or publication/s useful with your own development please share details here along with any descriptions and personal comments you care to make.

If enough useful suggestions are received I will combine them into a formal list that will be published in our Guidelines section. Please contribute to this if you can to help future triallers.

Thanks & regards
Peter Butterfield

PS To kick things off, I strongly recommend the many excellent training articles available for free on this site at ... index.html
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Re: Recommended Reading / Viewing List – Retriever Training

Postby Prue Winkfield » Tue 11 Dec 2018 12:02 pm

Hope you get some good responses to this thread Peter.

"Building a Retriever - Drills & More" by Carol F Cassity. Contact: This is excellent and has been my "bible" for years.

"Sound Beginnings" by Jackie Mertens. Don't have contact for this but someone here might.
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