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PostPosted: Mon 03 Dec 2018 9:05 am
by Trevor Stevens
The ANKC at its October Board meeting, approved the changes to rules for RATG, and also P&S field trials and also UG field trials, which were recommended by National RAFT Committee.
Also rules were posted for a new discipline - Field Trials for All Pointing Breeds
Copies of the updated rules and the new rules which will apply from 1st January 2019 are available on the ANKC website.
I have attached a copy of the main changes, ie excludes changes of grammar etc. Some changes are significant eg in RATG the one minute 'wait' has been eliminated from the open obedience section, and many penalty points have been changed.
I hope that you find the attached summaries useful, however I take no responsibility for omissions and I recommend that you read the new rules on the ANKC website

Click here for RATG Changes Summary

Click here for P&S Changes Summary

Click here for UG Changes Summary