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Postby Trevor Stevens » Thu 14 Nov 2019 8:04 am

The ANKC Board has now ratified the minutes of the National RAFT Committee meeting that was held in July. There was nothing that was particularly controversial in the changes. The updated rules will be posted on the ANKC website shortly and will come into effect on 1st January 2020.
The one significant change that judges and competitors should be aware of, is that the points in the score sheet for "Steadiness, Obedience and Walking to heel" has been increased from 5 to 10. Total points on the score sheet have been increased from 60 points to 65 points. Other changes will have little or no practical impact on trials, except that judges should note new clause 51(f), and club secretaries should note amendments to clauses 44 and 80.

For those who want to go through the changes in detail, here is a summary of where to look.
8(b) Blinking - wording change
8(g) Control Point- wording change
17 Double Fall Retrieve - wording change
22 Through or Amongst Decoys - decoys clarified.
26/27 Mark Retrieve - wording change and combined into one rule
36 Beginners test - wording
37 Novice Stake Eligibility - wording change to make it consistent with wording in Rule 38 - Restricted Stake
40/41 Championship Stakes - proof of eligibility required.
44 Upgraded dog - deletion of requirement to run last.
51(f) New Clause - requires Judges to remain conversant and familiar with updated rules.
80 The Draw - clarification of how the running order may be managed.
111 Multiple Titles - clarification of designation.

In addition to changes to rules of Retrieving Trials, the National RAFT Committee is also establishing a subcommittee to consider rules that might apply for artificial game retrieving trials. I should emphasise that National RAFT has no mandate to introduce such a discipline and does not intend to do so. However we want to be prepared if such a change had to be implemented.
Trevor Stevens
Chair, National RAFT
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Postby Georgina Golle » Mon 18 Nov 2019 3:11 pm

Hi Trevor
Your summary is very much appreciated. Thank You
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