"Artificial Game" Vs "Replica Game" - Terminology

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"Artificial Game" Vs "Replica Game" - Terminology

Postby Peter Butterfield » Sun 03 Dec 2023 5:04 pm

For a while now, both of the above terms have been used to describe the alternative to "real game" [sometimes also referred to as 'cold game'] in retrieving commentary. Now "Replica Game" has become the formerly enshrined term in the next DA Rules for Retrieving Trials.

I've just come from a state rule review meeting where a considerable amount of editing was made to proposals in order to conform with the replica term.

For the sake of clarity and consistence (for this publication at least) I'm going to suggest that the term "Replica Game" from now will generally be understood to mean items that simulate approved types of game used in retrieving trials, eg Dokken Ducks etc. Whereas, "Artificial Game" will mean any non-real items used for retrieval purposes in general (in trials or training) including dummies or other non-approved replica game products or items.

Perhaps these terms will also be addressed in the Definition of Terms section of next set of rules in progress.

If you agree or disagree with any of this or have any thoughts at all on the subject please feel free to comment below.

Yours in retrieving,
Peter Butterfield
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Re: "Artificial Game" Vs "Replica Game" - Terminology

Postby Jessie Hughes » Fri 02 Feb 2024 1:40 pm

Hi Peter
On our RAFTCOSA schedules we have "Replica Game will not be used at this trial". The Rules use the wording Replica Game, don't know where the interstaters get 'Cold game" from: if I put a dockken duck in the fridge that could be cold game !!!
Jessie Hughes
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Re: "Artificial Game" Vs "Replica Game" - Terminology

Postby Joe Vella » Wed 07 Feb 2024 10:04 am

Hi Jessie and Peter,

I believe that Replica Game and/or Artificial Game are terms used to fool the supporters of of such items into believing that these can be used successfully in The total Working Assessment of Retrieving Gundogs.

Game is any wild animal which maybe hunted. This maybe a feather or a fur animal and is one which can propagate it’s own species and importantly is one which may be harvested for the table.

The terms Replica Game or Artificial Game do not represent Real Game, these are nothing else but jazzed up plastic retrieving dummies and should be termed as such. Retrieving Dummies.
The word Game should only be used when dead feather or fur items of Game are used to test the Gundogs.

In the conduct of Retrieving Trials dead feather or fur items of game maybe used. If someone believes that live Game maybe used to test Gundogs at Retrieving Trials, please explain how.

Joe Vella
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