evan grahams new offering

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evan grahams new offering

Postby Tony Rowland » Sun 04 Mar 2012 8:43 am

hi all

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJkrEFsC ... O4tG94mtrH
it includes.

CH 1

CH 2
Finishing Basics - The importance of strong Basics, and how those skills link to Hunt Test requirements.

CH 3
Transition - How Transitional skills connect to fieldwork, especially for Hunt Test work.

CH 4
CONNECTION STAGES - The new Flow Chart, and how each dog can progress in the field as they develop, and what classes a dog should or should not be running in according to that level of skill.

CH 5
“ON YOUR MARKS” - Marking transitions

CH 6
Concepts in Marking
6 a. How concepts influence marking

CH 7
What to do! - managing mistakes dogs make due to concept presentation and bird placement.

CH 8
Bird placement considerations

CH 9

CH 10
Preparing an effective water dog

CH 11
Making the most of simple bodies of water

CH 12
Making more of land features

CH 13
Effective use of cold blinds for hunting, testing & trialing (land & water)

CH 14
Sit-to-flush – Quarter & flush (upland section)

CH 15
Preparing for the games [include holding blind use] - The important things to know and prepare for to run successfully in any popular venue.

CH 16
Candid conversations about relating test experience to planning, and journal keeping – plus impressions by a newcomer

CH 17
Control issues

CH 18
Handler tips for success

But I'm listenting for more important ideas to help hunt testers.


This may be from the US bla bla but for new comes it may allow them to put some sense of how it fits (trialing to training)
Not all the US set ups will suit us but there should be some that will help.

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