Training Books by Bernard Waters, 1894.

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Training Books by Bernard Waters, 1894.

Postby Peter Butterfield » Mon 02 Jan 2023 10:52 am

Training Books by Bernard Waters, 1894.

Bernard Waters, also known as Benjamin Waters, was an American sportsman, professional dog trainer, field trial judge, conservationist, editor, reporter and author who wrote a number of books about sporting dogs under the pen name "Kingrail" around the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. Below for your reading pleasure are two of his (expired copyright) books written over 130 years ago.

These are provided for their historical significance. Newcomers to retrieving should note that while much of the advice would still be relevant some methods would not be considered appropriate today. While reading, consider the context of the time. They were written before many modern training techniques and aids (like plastic whistles and bumpers) existed. Also interesting, while there is considerable discussion about the retriever breeds in use at the time, there is no mention of Labrador Retrievers that are popular today but had not become widespread in the US before 1903.

Please enjoy...

Fetch And Carry: A Treatise On Retrieving by B.Waters


Modern Training and Handling by B.Waters

Feel free to contribute any thoughts or comments on these.
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Re: Training Books by Bernard Waters, 1894.

Postby Bob Pickworth » Fri 29 Mar 2024 4:20 pm

Very interesting and helpful Pete - thanks for sharing.(So much is different and so much stays the same).
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